The “Plain” Album – Wave version 32bit

The “Plain” album are the clean frequencies. They do not contain any interfering frequencies, which makes the tones very intense.

All solfeggio tones and additional tones are without effects. To get the most out of them you should use headphones. But it is also possible to use normal speakers. This is the 32bit Wave version.

• Supreme State of Mind (Si – 963Hz)
• Pure Spirit (La – 852Hz)
• Solving Problems (Sol – 741Hz)
• Connecting with People (Fa – 639Hz)
• Transformation and Miracles (Mi – 528Hz)
• Facilitating Changes (Re – 417Hz)
• Liberating from Fear and Guilt (Ut – 396Hz)
• Expending State of Consciousness (285Hz)
• Pain Relief (174Hz)
• Deepener (69.3Hz)

All my productions are professionally produced and mastered, all frequencies are measured with a audio spectrum analyzer. This is tested under laboratory conditions. These frequencies can also be used for medical purposes. All produced music is in 432hz.

You can listen to the songs in the mp3 version.