Hi I AM Lin. I am a musician since 1999 and Holistisk healer since 2015 and started to play instruments and making sounds on mainly electronic instruments. I have also composed my own songs with the possibilities i had at that time. It was the era of electronic music, electropop etc. Now i started to remaster my old compositions and will release them soon. I am also in the process of releasing my own album – Solfeggio Frequencies, but it will take a few more weeks. These songs will also play on the radio and yes of course all tuned to 432Hz. In the meantime you can listen to music on 432hz.dk

Everything is vibration, everything resonates, each organ has its own vibration frequency, there are different, Solfeggio and Rife are the most known. I produce both, there will be a big list with all the organs and their frequency of course also as audio.

All my productions are professionally produced and mastered, all frequencies are measured with a audio spectrum analyzer. This is tested under laboratory conditions. These frequencies can also be used for medical purposes. All produced music is in 432hz.

If you want special frequencies i can probably produce them too. Please send me an email with a detailed description and your contact details.

Dansk – Hvordan og hvad er Solfeggio Frekvenser?

Deutsch – Wie und Was sind Solfeggio Frequenzen